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Andrea Sompit Siengboon

INFORMATION for foreigners applying for a visa to Thailand in Iceland

Welcome to the Royal Thai Honorary Consulate General - Reykjavík website. 
Staff from the Thai Embassy in Oslo will be issuing Thai passports in Reykjavík on August 3 and 4.
Please book an appointment with Andrea Sompit: 896 2170 weekdays 7-9 pm

Honorary Consul General: Mrs. Anna M. Th. Olafsdottir
Address: Keilufell 2, 111 Reykjavík

OPEN for visits and visa submissions: Mondays 12-2 pm and Wednesdays 5-7 pm
Tel: (+354) 823 2676 (during regular office hours 9am-5pm week days, unless you have an emergency)  

The Thai Consulate in Reykjavík can issue Tourist Visa to citizens of other countries than Iceland, provided they fullfill requirements. Requirements for documentation vary. All need to provide proof that they are registered in Iceland through Þjóðskrá. Please contact the hon. consulate if you are not a resident. See LIST OF COUNTRIES  to find out what applies for your country. Your country of origin, inspite of an Icelandic citizenship may be of importance and the processing of your visa may take up to 8 weeks. Please check here to see if ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS will be required due to your nationality. For more and full details consult the website of the Royal Thai Embassy in Oslo.

Holders of Icelandic passports can stay up to 30 days in Thailand without a visa. For longer stays than 30 days a visa is required. Pls note that more and more airlines are now prohibiting passengers to board flights destined to Thailand if their return ticket is after the 30 day permit to stay expires - eventhough it has been possible to pay a fine for each day of overstay at the airport in Thailand. Passengers have had to buy new tickets. Pls note that this is the responsiblity of the passenger.

Note: Please allow at least one week for the processing of Tourist visa applications from the time all documentation has been submitted. Applications must be submitted in person.

Necessary documents to obtain a Tourist Visa (copy machine available for self service at the hon. consulate):

  • Clearly filled out and signed application form
  • Passport; valid at least 6 months longer than the proposed stay in Thailand with at least two empty pages
  • Photocopy of passport (picture page)
  • Two recent passport photos
  • Photocopy of travel itinirary / ticket in and out of Thailand that is kept with your application and not returned to you
  • If you reside / are registered in Iceland, a confirmation thereof from National Register (Þjóðskrá, 
  • Fee is not refunded if travel plans are cancelled or if application is declined.
  • All documents are kept with the application. Keep a copy for yourself of your flight ticket, accommodation and financial means, should you be asked for it at Immigration in Thailand.

Click here for APPLICATION FORM.

There are two types of Tourist Visas. For full details call the consulate or consult the website of the Royal Thai Embassy in Copenhagen.

Tourist visa with one entry. Allows 60 days with the possibility of a 30 days extension (extension obtained locally without having to leave the country). 

Tourist visa with multiple entry: This visa has a validity of 6 months from the date of issue (you have 6 months to enter Thailand) and a duration of stay of up to sixty days per entry, max 6 months.
Visa on arrival (online application) for selected nationalities (excl. Iceland).

*aliens who have overstayed in Thailand for longer periods are prohibited to re-enter the country. See here.

Visa on Arrival is available from 27 September 2016 for tourists from the following countries:
Andorra, Bulgaria, Bhutan, China, Cyprus, Ethiopia, India, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Romania, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan at 48 designated immigration checkpoints. Those arriving through Suvarnabumi airport can apply online

Tourist Visa: 4.500 ISK (single entry / 21.600 ISK for multiple entries). 
Non-Immigrant visa 3 months with a single entry: 8.800 ISK
Non Immigrant visa one year with multiple entries: 21.600 ISK 
Visa on Arrival: 2.000 Baht 

Keilufell 2, 111 Reykjavik - Sími 823 2676 / 571 0224